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cuckoo Understanding Owls: Biology, Management, Breeding, Training by Jemima Parry-Jones North American Owls: Biology and Natural History by Paul A. Johnsgard (Hardcover  - October 2002) The Book of North American Owls (Paperback)
by Helen Roney Sattler, Jean Day Zallinger (Illustrator)

The Barn Owl Trust
The Barn Owl Trust is a national registered charity based in Devon, UK. The Trust is dedicated to conserving the Barn Owl and its environment and providing well researched and accurate information.

Barn Owl - Tyto alba
Photographs, songs, identification tips, North American distribution maps, and life history.

BBC - Barn Owls
Facts on the Barn owl including description, distribution, habitat, behavior, and reproduction.

The Owl Cam
Live webcam of a Barn Owl nest in Benicia, California.

The Barn Owl
Information on the Barn owl and how to build nest boxes with accompanying photos.

Aves - Strigiformes - Tytonidae

Common Barn Owl (Desert USA)
All about the Common Barn Owl, includes color photo, scientific names, common names, description, behavior, range, habitats and life cycle.

The Barn Owl Centre
Dedicated to advance public education in Owl and Raptor welfare and husbandry in the UK and elsewhere. Has many useful links.

Barn Owl Headquarters
Information on the nesting boxes of Barn Owls and their usage for rodent control.

Barn Owl stamps
Stamps showing Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

Barn Owl Information Page
Pictures, general information, and nesting boxes information of the Common Barn Owl.


The Grass Owl
Details about the owl from the Grass owl's point of view.

Barn Owls Are Back
News story describes how special nesting boxes installed on river banks halt the decline of native British owls.

Barn Owl
Pictures and information from the owl's point of view.

Rushcliffe Barn Owls
The Rushcliffe Barn Owl Project aims to conserve and increase the population of barn owls in Rushcliffe. Original photos and information.

Madagascar Red Owls or Madagascar Grass Owls - Tyto soumagnei
The Madagascar Red or Grass Owl - Description, Photos and sounds.

Eastern Grass Owl - Tyto longimembris
Limited information and a photo of this Australian owl, from Boondall Wetlands web site.

Eastern Grass Owls - Tyto longimembris
The Grass Owl - Description, Photos and sounds

Trust hopes for owling success - BBC News
Landowners in Gloucestershire learn how to attract barn owls onto their property.

Common Barn Owl (Tyto alba)
Habitat, diet, life history, range, special adaptations, and conservation status. Includes a photo.

The Owl Pages
Detailed descriptions of different species, including photos and sounds. Also includes mythology, art, books, and collectibles.

Flight to Freedom, Inc - Rehabilitating Owls
Personal story of owl rehabilitation from non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of sick and injured birds of prey.

North American Owl Identification Guide
Has descriptions, with markings and pictures for about 19 owls, from the non-profit Owl Institute in Montana.

Photos, calls, and species accounts of North American owls.

World Owl Trust
Based in the UK, the trust's primary aim is to ensure the survival of all species of the world's owls.

Owl Prowl
A school project with observations and photos of owls from participating grade schools.

The Owls of North Dakota
Includes color photos and descriptive information on owls occurring in North Dakota.

Gander Academy's Owls Theme Page
All about owls, including myths, species list, pictures, quizzes and teacher resources.

Information on Owls
Information on several owl species from The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.

Judy's World Of Owls
History, information, sounds, pictures of owls, and an owl quiz.

Owls: The Silent Flyers (Paperback)
by R. D. Lawrence -Although a highly controversial issue, some believe that the earliest known bird is Proto avis, which was discovered in 1986 among 225-million-year-old Upper Triasic rocks...

Gander Academy's Owl Resources on the World Wide Web
A collection of links with information about owls organized by species, intended specifically for students and teachers.

Owls of the World
A simple checklist of the owls of the world.

The World of Owls
Sanctuary based in Ballymoney. Details and pictures of rescued birds and contact information.

Owl Atlas from Dynamic Planet
Owls of the Western Hemisphere is a collection of maps. Along with each owl topic, there is the "Breeding Birds - All" topic, where every US State and Canadian province is linked to its breeding bird data. Also an atlas and dynamic map software can be downloaded.

Teacher Guide - Owls in the Family
Links to supplement teaching young students about owls.

owl moon

Images and information on 12 species from around the world by Greg Lasley.

Screech Owl Sanctuary
Zoo in Cornwall, England, licensed and open to the public, with species of owls from all over the world. Education program with guided tours and talks, rehabilitation of sick and injured owls and release of birds back into the wild, breeding and research of world owl species.

RanuaZoo - Owls
Descriptions and photos of several owls.

Biology and Conservation of Owls of the Northern Hemisphere
Proceedings of an international symposium held in February 1997 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Lou's Owl Page
Owls of Australia and the world.


My Stamp Page
A collection of owl pictures on stamps and phone cards.

Owl Theme Unit
Teaching extras for assisting in teaching about owls.

Chouette Magazine International
A site dedicated to collectors, it invites visitors to submit articles about owls for inclusion in its pages. In several languages.

Owl Wood
This page has myths and tales about owls, fact and fiction, quotes and book recommendations and links to other owl lovers sites.

Owls in Forest
Photos of several owls by Donald Leavitt.

Yahoo Groups: The Owls Perch
A club for owl lovers and the like. Post anything concerning owls including collections, news, and links.

Owls and Owl Houses
Species accounts of four North American owls and owl house construction tips.

Brazil's Owls
Pictures and descriptions of the many owls of the area, including bibliography and links.

Australian Owls and Frogmouths
Habitats, descriptions, pictures, activities, nesting, and breeding information on the owls of Australia.

The Ecology of the Owl
Some facts about owls.

Great Horned Owl, Art Poster by John James Audubon

Owls in Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese
Translation of the word owl in Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

Environment Week 1 - Caring for Raptors
Page shows pictures of school kids discovering owls at Micklefield's primary school in Capetown.

Furness Owls
Breeding and quarantine center.

Owls have Surround Sound
Article describing a new study which reveals that owls catch their prey by creating a two dimensional map of sound signals.

Birds of Prey Owls - B, Karen Pidgeon, 24x36

Potter Sparks Pet Owl Demand
Following a surge in inquiries, the RSPCA urges parents not to buy owls as pets for their children following the Harry Potter films.

Sherwood Owls
Site had descriptions and pictures of several pairs of breeding owls including English Barn Owls, Bengal Eagle Owls, Canadian Great Horned Owls, and European Eagle Owls.

Sorry Harry, Owls Shouldn't be Pets
Environmentalists are worried that children's enthusiasm for Harry Potter may create a market for Hungary's protected owls as pets.

The site for Owl lovers. Contains stamps, books, figures, prints, articles, stories and links.

Little Owl Trading Company
Some owl artwork, gallery of paintings, drawings and crafts with themes pertaining to Native American, spiritual and religious artwork.

Owls Reach Record Numbers - News
Barn owls are setting up home and raising their young on a Somerset nature reserve in record numbers, the Environment Agency said. - Nature and Wildlife Field Guides
Owl pictures from a searchable nature and wildlife database.

MSN Learning & Research Plus: Owl
Brief article from Encarta Encyclopedia about this order of nocturnal birds of prey. There are two families: the typical owls, with about 167 species; and the barn owls, with about 14 species.

Aves - Strigiformes - Strigidae - Bubo

Snowy Owls Article
A National Geographic article written by Lynne Warren with a gallery of photos.

Snowy Owl Identification Guide
Field marks and brief information.

Arctic Studies Center
Has description, photo and facts as related by 19th Century Naturalist Edward Nelson.

Snowy Owl
General Information on the Snowy Owl provided by the Oregon Zoo.

Nyctea scandiaca (Snowy Owl)
Species account from the Animal Diversity Web.

Snowy Owl - Nyctea scandiaca
Animals of the arctic, description of the snowy owl by Zak, Bank Street School for Children.

Arctic Owl at the Dublin Zoo
Two Arctic or Snowy owls at the zoo, Owen the male and Oonagh the female.

Snowy Owls - Nyctea scandiaca
Snowy Owls - descriptions, photos and sounds.

Arctic owls illustrate mysteries of climate and wildlife - -
Lemmings are the key to understanding the lives of snowy owls that live in the Arctic. Figuring out how the owls, lemmings and weather are all related is a challenge for researchers...

Snowy Owls
Photographs and discussion of aging and sexing specimens and recent visitors to New York.

Help Save The Snow Owls
Defenders of Wildlife bring awareness to the plight of the owls. You can "send an owl" (a free email) to President George W. Bush urging him to not allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

BC Adventure - Snowy Owl
Brief information and image.

Snowy Owls - at My Owls of The World
A personal account from Snowy Owl.

Rare snowy owls to return to Arctic - BBC NEWS
Seven snowy owls are set to return home to the Arctic after being rescued in the middle of the Atlantic.
Snowy Owl Patrol
Article about Norman Smith's mission to capture and band the snowies that frequent Logan airport, Boston, USA. Christian Science Monitor.

Finland to help free wayward snowy owls from southern latitudes
An article about seven snowy owls rescued after being blown off course, others raised illegally as pets. Helsingin Sanomat International.

Snowy Owl - Nyctea scandiaca
Canadian Wildlife Service has information including distribution, appearance and habits, feeding, breeding, management, photo, and reading list.

Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca)
Physical characteristics, habitat, life history, range, special adaptations, and conservation status. Includes a photo.

Indian Scops Owl - Otus bakkamoena
Facts about the Scops owl with a picture, from Kielder Water Bird of Prey Centre.

White-faced Scops Owl
Description and photos of Northern: Otus (Ptilopsis) leucotis and Southern: Otus (Ptilopsis) granti.

OWL Optical Wallet Light BLACK DIAMOND Owl Optical Wallet Light

Rings-Trilogy - Harry Potter - Narnia

3d editor - Tomb Raider

Queen of the Night, Wall Poster, 36x24

Audubon DVD

Owl Observer MAGAZINE
6 issues/12 months Bright Owls

Sierra Club  	Sierra Club 2006 Engagement Calendar Sierra Club 2006 Wilderness Calendar The Sierra Club Guide to the Ancient Forests of the Northeast
by Bruce Kershner, Robert T. Leverett Understanding Forests (Sierra Club Books)
by John J. Berger

fox owl

Walking Softly In The Wilderness: The Sierra Club Guide To Backpacking (Paperback, 1998) 

Other Editions...
Author: John Hart


urban Can We Save Them? Endangered Species of North America
by David Dobson, James M. Needham

The Sierra Club book of our national parks by Donald Young

The Sierra Club Book of Weatherwisdom
by Vicki McVey, Martha Weston

Peace Begins With You. a Sierra Club Book
by Katherine Scholes, Robert Ingpen

The Sierra Club Book of Small Mammals
by Sierra Club Books, Linsay Knight

Baby Animals: A Sierra Club Postcard Book for Kids
by Sierra Club Books

More Baby Animals: A Sierra Club Postcard Book for Kids
by Sierra Club Books

GIANTS LAND,SEA & AIR (A Sierra Club Book Series)
by David Peters

Hawks, Owls, and Wildlife
by John Johnson Craighead

Sierra Clubvert_93x143 Sierra 

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Birding - Falcon

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